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The Rig

I can’t believe I haven’t posted anything in such a long time! Well, I do have to maintain a couple of work webpages, so I guess when it comes down to it, I get a little tired of updating page after page. That being said, we have done a ton of of stuff since the last post and I better get my demanding fans back up to speed.

So first things first, we bought one gigantic RV:

It’s old, but in really good shape.  It has great hardwood floors, no major issues and runs like a champ.  Gas mileage leaves a bit to be desired, but what do you expect when you’re lugging around a decent sized apartment?

We met up with mom and dad just north of Houston at a KAO Kampground in Montgomery for our first trip.  It was a really nice place and all of the kids had a great time.  Mom and dad’s Tab RV was a perfect compliment to our RV.  When we needed to get our kids to sleep, Braiden and Bailey hung out with mom and dad, and when  we all needed to get out of the rain we hung out at our place.

The KOA was really nice as well.  During the day the kids fished, played at the huge park, and swam in the indoor, heated pool.

At night we watched movies, played board games and roasted marshmallows.

All and all, it was a great time and we can’t wait to get back out again!

By the way, you can see a larger version of the pics by clicking on them, or check out my Flickr page.


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Cam Can’t Stay Awake

FRIENDSWOOD, Texas – Cam did everything he could to stay awake and watch the movie “Cars,” but alas, he was overwhelmed by the forces of sleepiness. I love that after he lays on his side he still can’t keep his head up and has to readjust again to find the position that provides the highest level of comfort.

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It’s Halloween!!!

Cam's scary teeth!FRIENDSWOOD, Texas – Well it appears that Halloween is upon us, and as usual, Toni is the Kelley family driving-force behind all of the seasonal activities that we have embarked upon.   That being said, I have been trying to keep up with her zeal for all things spooky.  I carved a pumpkin with the kiddos, completely covered the shrubs in front of the house with “spider webs,” and managed to take a pretty cool pic of Cameron with his scary vampire-teeth.

I am sure I will have more to follow on this developing, holiday situation, but so far things have been pretty fun.  Toni plans on being the Tomb Raider chick, Cam is going to be a pirate, Cody will be a ninja and I will be something…GROSS!!!

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Father’s Day

DSC_0169HOUSTON – Well, I guess today is supposed to be a day for all dads to rejoice and to have things exactly the way they want them.  But, we all know better than that.  Father’s Day falls well short of Mother’s Day in terms of importance and fan-fair, and maybe that is just how it should be.

As a guy, I know that I would prefer to smoke a few racks of ribs and drink enough beer to drown Homer Simpson, but we all know that that is not a logistically sound plan.  We, as dads, know that each day, Father’s Day or not, brings forth a decision that must be made.  Most decisions have already been made by our significant others, but we are obligated to participate in the process, nonetheless.  We have to be that rock upon which long term principles are built.

If your youngest child punches your oldest child in the ear, well someone has to come parading in to declare that such behavior is unacceptable.  That someone is dad.  If your 18-month old drops a deuce on the living room floor, someone has to be there to inform him of the laws and regulations that dictate potty policy.  That someone is dad. If your four-year-old attempts to water your topsy-turvy tomato plant by peeing on it, someone has to let him know that, while the effort is appreciated, there is a better way to irrigate.  That someone, of course, is dad.

But for the most part, we are only called into action when things have gotten too ridiculous for mom.  That’s important because it goes to show that of the two being yolked as parents, the mother probably has the most to do.  Therefore, I am just fine with having my day be more about the U.S. Open than about parenting, because that pretty much mirrors the ratio of parenting to playing for most of us guys.

Thanks Toni for being such a great mom that I am but an advisor in the parenting realm, and thanks for the great gift (top).


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A day at the park

We went to Discovery Green Park in downtown Houston recently and took lots of pictures and a little video.  I combined the two to make this video.  I recommend that all parents learn basic photo and video skills for one simple reason:  when you see your kids doing what they do best (playing), it really helps to make you truly appreciate the beauty and simplicity of life as seen and experienced by a child.

The music was performed by “Jawad.”


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