Jamaica me think

PORT ROYAL, Jamaica – I haven’t updated this blog in a hell of a long time, but what better way to start back up than declaring “no worries mon?”

Back in April I flew into Kingston, Jamaica – otherwise known as Dudus Coke‘s drug-war ground zero – to cover a big military exercise.  Nearly 15 countries were represented as international training teams discussed various security and law enforcement tactics.

While they hashed out how to better protect the Caribbean and the rest of the Gulf, I sampled some of the most expensive coffee on the planet and tried every type of jerked food I could get my mitts on.  Trust me, this job really is harder than I make it sound.  Seriously!

What did I learn in Jamaica?  Living in the U.S. is the greatest blessing of all.

There are breathtaking views, clear-blue waters and vibrant people on the, so-called, capital island of the Caribbean, but it falls well short of its potential.

I have come to the conclusion that we are different because waste management is near the top of our collective priority list, even though we don’t even realize it.  In Jamaica trash seems to be tossed aside, no matter where aside happens to be, as soon as the consumable within the wrapper has been consumed.

Here we make commercials featuring tearful Native Americans who are tormented by polluters and others that drive home the fact that it’s not okay to “mess with Texas.”

Anyhow, the trip was a great experience and did I mention the coffee?

Blue Mountain coffee goes for about $38 a pound, which is the equivalent of roughly two gazillion Jamaican dollars, and it just so happens to be amazing, if not necessarily worth the asking price.

There is no acidic aftertaste or coffee buzz jitters associated with this fine blend.  Plus, the views on the tour of the plantation are worth $38 a glance, if you ask me.

I hope Kingston and Port Royal are able to improve because they have the potential to be two of the most beautiful cities on the face of the globe, but until they do, I’ll just stick to Grand Cayman.  Except it actually does cost 2 gazillion dollars to visit, dang it…


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