Who dat is sick of hearing who dat?

Predictions for the game today:It should be a fun game to watch and there should be plenty of offense.  But not enough scoring to go beyond the 58.5 point threshold, which is the over/under that Vegas set, so take the under.

When the line was first set it was Colts-3.5, but within an hour was changed to 4.5, because no one was betting the Saints.  It ballooned to 7 before settling at 5 towards the end of the week.  If you were able get in on that 3.5 action, congratulations my friend. At that point, I would have most certainly bet Colts too.  If you got in on that 7.0 action, congratulations my friend.  At that point, I would have most certainly bet Saints too…

With the line at five it makes things a heck of a lot more interesting.  My pick:  Saints +5.   I still like the Colts to win, but by less than 5.  Peyton and his boys won a ton of close games this year and there is no reason to think this one will be a runaway.

Final score: Colts 31 Saints 27

Then again, there’s is always the chance that one of the teams comes out with that dear in the headlights thing going on, and it could be a blow out.  I sure hope not, because these really are a pair of great teams.

By the way, a fun prop bet is whether or not both kickers will have a field goal of more than 34 yards.  I say yes, even though it has never happened in a Super Bowl before.  Who dat gonna kick a long field goal from the left hash-mark?


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