Corpus Christi Collage

This week at PADET Houston we were tasked with building a photo collage for each Sector in our area of responsibility and we figured we would share them with you! We hope you enjoy.

The photos are from the multiple missions that Sector Corpus Christi performs regularly including fisheries, law enforcement, ATON and search and rescue.

Multiple platforms are shown in this collage including a MH-65 Dolphin Helicopter from Air Station Corpus and a 45 ft medium response boat from Station Port Aransas.



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2 responses to “Corpus Christi Collage

  1. Dr. G.

    Checking to see if any of your unit is being sent to Haiti.

    You and the kids will enjoy the RV.

    Dr. G.

    • Hi Doc,
      One of my co-workers from PADET Houston was sent to Miami to fill in for the folks who were sent to Haiti from that office. I could still end up there over the next few weeks, as this will most certainly be a most difficult and drawn out response.

      A C-17 from the Texas Air National Guard was loaded up at Ellington Field, and members of Texas Task Force-1, a premier urban search and rescue group, have been dispatched.

      We also have two Air Station Houston MH-65C helicopter crews on immediate stand-by.

      In a strange twist, my cousin, who is a Marine, has been deployed to the devastated island as part of the 2,000 troop force that will help to maintain security for the thousands of relief workers who have descended upon the disaster area.

      Thanks for taking a look at the page Doc, it means a lot to me to know that I can at least keep a few people up to speed with our efforts to keep this great country safe while we do our best to serve others in their most dire times.

      Thanks again and take care,
      Pat Kelley

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