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PORT ROYAL, Jamaica – I haven’t updated this blog in a hell of a long time, but what better way to start back up than declaring “no worries mon?”

Back in April I flew into Kingston, Jamaica – otherwise known as Dudus Coke‘s drug-war ground zero – to cover a big military exercise.  Nearly 15 countries were represented as international training teams discussed various security and law enforcement tactics.

While they hashed out how to better protect the Caribbean and the rest of the Gulf, I sampled some of the most expensive coffee on the planet and tried every type of jerked food I could get my mitts on.  Trust me, this job really is harder than I make it sound.  Seriously!

What did I learn in Jamaica?  Living in the U.S. is the greatest blessing of all.

There are breathtaking views, clear-blue waters and vibrant people on the, so-called, capital island of the Caribbean, but it falls well short of its potential.

I have come to the conclusion that we are different because waste management is near the top of our collective priority list, even though we don’t even realize it.  In Jamaica trash seems to be tossed aside, no matter where aside happens to be, as soon as the consumable within the wrapper has been consumed.

Here we make commercials featuring tearful Native Americans who are tormented by polluters and others that drive home the fact that it’s not okay to “mess with Texas.”

Anyhow, the trip was a great experience and did I mention the coffee?

Blue Mountain coffee goes for about $38 a pound, which is the equivalent of roughly two gazillion Jamaican dollars, and it just so happens to be amazing, if not necessarily worth the asking price.

There is no acidic aftertaste or coffee buzz jitters associated with this fine blend.  Plus, the views on the tour of the plantation are worth $38 a glance, if you ask me.

I hope Kingston and Port Royal are able to improve because they have the potential to be two of the most beautiful cities on the face of the globe, but until they do, I’ll just stick to Grand Cayman.  Except it actually does cost 2 gazillion dollars to visit, dang it…


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Who dat is sick of hearing who dat?

Predictions for the game today:It should be a fun game to watch and there should be plenty of offense.  But not enough scoring to go beyond the 58.5 point threshold, which is the over/under that Vegas set, so take the under.

When the line was first set it was Colts-3.5, but within an hour was changed to 4.5, because no one was betting the Saints.  It ballooned to 7 before settling at 5 towards the end of the week.  If you were able get in on that 3.5 action, congratulations my friend. At that point, I would have most certainly bet Colts too.  If you got in on that 7.0 action, congratulations my friend.  At that point, I would have most certainly bet Saints too…

With the line at five it makes things a heck of a lot more interesting.  My pick:  Saints +5.   I still like the Colts to win, but by less than 5.  Peyton and his boys won a ton of close games this year and there is no reason to think this one will be a runaway.

Final score: Colts 31 Saints 27

Then again, there’s is always the chance that one of the teams comes out with that dear in the headlights thing going on, and it could be a blow out.  I sure hope not, because these really are a pair of great teams.

By the way, a fun prop bet is whether or not both kickers will have a field goal of more than 34 yards.  I say yes, even though it has never happened in a Super Bowl before.  Who dat gonna kick a long field goal from the left hash-mark?

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What about Wade?

Well, everyone thought Wade’s future in Dallas was cemented with a solid December and a playoff victory over division rival Philadelphia.  But by completely dismantling the Cowboys,  the Vikings may have put Phillip’s future in jeopardy… again…

Even though Brett and the Vikes completely torched the pokes, they may have exposed the Eagles more than they exposed Dallas.

While the DFW folks were getting all spun up about how this team was different because they had pummeled the vaunted Eagles twice in a row and for a third time in the 2009 season, no one was going back and looking at the facts:

The only team that Philadelphia beat this season that had a winning record was the Atlanta Falcons, and that came in a game in which the Dirty Birds were without their starting quarterback, Matt Ryan.  Even though the Falcons were able to finish with a record of 9-7, which marked the first time the franchise had ever strung together back-to-back winning seasons, they failed to make the playoffs.

Point is, maybe the boys weren’t quite as good as we thought, and maybe Wade is in more trouble than we thought.

Many said that Bum’s kid needed to win at least one playoff game, and needed to be competitive in each game.  Well I don’t think Jerry will consider 34-3 competitive…

Personally, I pull for Wade because I grew up watching his dad on NFL Films productions and I loved the fact that he was more than a coach; he was a persona.

Bum was bigger than the Astrodome and he was the Oilers and no one could confuse the cowboy hat wearing coach with anyone else.  His players loved him and he came across as a real human being.

That last sentence pretty well describes his son as well, but in this day and age, it just might cost Wade his job.

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That’s all she wrote

That pic at the end of the 3rd quarter should wrap it up for the Cowboys.  Romo will ultimately shoulder the blame for this loss, but he was a victim of a bad circumstance.

The Cowboys came out hot and were able to move the ball up and down the field, but were unable to turn that movement into points.

Hall of Fame quarterback Steve Young used to say that every time you kick a field goal you bring yourself that much closer to a loss.  Well if all you can do is drive down and miss field goals, you are pretty much guaranteeing your fate.

You have to finish drives in the NFL, and if you can’t, you go home.  It looks like the Cowboys will need a miracle finish to avoid going home for good.

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Wide everywhere

As much as I would love to blame our idiot kicker for that last missed kick, I am going to have to blame Jason Garret for running a misdirection pitch to Marion Barber on first and 10 after the boys had been pounding the rock between the tackles with Felix Jones and Barber on a solid drive.

The play lost seven yards and ultimately cost the Cowboys a chance to continue the drive.

That being said, Jerry has no excuse for pretending that he had no idea that our kicker, who doesn’t deserve mentioning, is no good.  He cut the guy and then watched first-hand as the guy performed so poorly that it cost him his job!

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Missed Opportunities

What a regretful first half for the Cowboys. On the first drive the boys fumbled, but they would have been in a position to go for it on fourth anyways (because we can’t kick a field goal), which wasn’t a sure thing.

The missed kick (see…) on another drive really killed any semblance of momentum. John Carney, a really reliable kicker who remains unsigned, had a good chuckle over that I’m sure…

And can anyone explain to me how Gerald Sensabaugh had no idea that he had just given up a ridiculous bomb to Sidney Rice? All he had to do was recall that he was actually involved in an NFL divisional round playoff game, turn his head around and put his hands up to knock that pass down.

At this point all we can do is hope for Favre to get over confident and make a terrible pass, or Adrian Peterson to fumble.

Long story short, we may have lost this game before we gave ourselves a chance to win it.

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Sector HG Layout

We posted Sector Corpus Christi’s collage a few days ago and here is the Sector Houston Galveston version.

Let us know which one you like better.

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